Bingo Rules

Bingo Rules

Bingo Rules

Bingo is a popular community game which is played in halls. Bingo Rules and variations vary from one nation to another. Each bingo hall has their own bingo brochures outlining the games being played, rules and payouts attached to each game.

In a typical game of bingo, players buy cards with numbers printed on them. Each card has a 5x5 grid corresponding to the 5 letters in the word B, I, N, G and O. Random numbers like B6 or O71 are then drawn out at random until a player completes a winning pattern - usually a line of five numbers in a vertical, diagonal or horizontal arrangement - on one of their bingo cards and win the jackpot. In 75 ball bingo, you can opt from a myriad of bingo patterns. However, the classic 790 ball bingo has only three possible winning patterns.

75-ball bingo is played on a 5x5 grid bingo card containing 24 random numbers and one blank space. The first column i.e. column B contains numbers between 1 and 15, I column contains numbers between 31 and 45, N column between 46 and 60, and O column between 61 and 75.

Players can choose from thousands of unique cards available at online bingo sites and halls. Today, bingo cards are available in an unduplicated series of 6000, and even 9000 cards.

Bingo in the UK and Australia - 90 Ball Bingo

In the UK, bingo is played largely in the town halls with huge cash prizes on offer. Nearly every seaside town in the UK has a bingo hall overflowing with players who come in search of entertainment and of course some cash.

Bingo is also played in myriad of schools and churches around the nation for raising funds for various charities like old age homes and more. In such games, the prizes are donated by the local businesses and shopkeepers and the overall atmosphere at such events is usually very friendly a relaxing.

The British and the Australian bingo cards have three horizontal rows and nine vertical columns. Generally known as tickets, they are available in single or multiple books. While a single book has 10 tickets, each represented by a unique color, a multiple book contains 6 single books. Each page in a multiple book features 6 cards of the same color. These 6 tickets are attached with perforated edges which allow for easy tearing. Bingo veterans can play with a multiple book, while the beginners are advised to play with only one book or maybe even a single ticket at a time.

Other than books, bingo tickets are also sold in sheets. Each sheet has six sections of bingo tickets, and is usually referred to as flyers. Again, you can purchase a single section or an entire sheet of six depending on your budget and skill level.

Bingo and Number Calling

In both the variations, numbers are called quickly by the host or caller. Thus, a player must carefully listen to the numbers as they are drawn and announced, while marking them quickly and correctly on their cards. The caller continues to announce numbers until one or more players complete the winning pattern and yell "BINGO!" The game is then brought to a halt and the numbers are verified to confirm the win. Once the winning numbers are verified, the winner is announced and the prize is awarded. In an event of more than one winner, the jackpot value is split among all the winners equally.

At many bingo sites, popular patterns including the classic X, corners and blackout bingo are offered. Furthermore, some bingo websites offer exclusive progressive Bingo jackpots running into millions of dollars.