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Australian Bingo

Australian Bingo

Australian Bingo

Bingo in Australia or Australian bingo is also known as housie, which has been named after the term full house, a pattern where you must cover an entire card to win. Like any other form of Casino gambling, Australian Games is also legal throughout the nation. Similar to its British sibling, Ladies bingo in Australia is played with 90 balls Bingo on a 3x9 grid bingo card.

Bingo Game is traditionally a social game in Australia, and is commonly played to raise funds for charities, churches and other non profit organizations. However, in the recent times, Australia bingo Online has got a whole new connotation and is being largely played for personal gains. And this is perhaps why bingo is now such a big craze with hundreds of bingo halls mushrooming all over the country.

Just like the UK bingo , Australian-bingo games use cards with numbers printed on them. Typically, an Australian bingo card consists of nine columns and three rows, which means each card has 27 spaces. Each row contains five random numbers between 1 and 90 and four blank spaces. The pattern of numbers and spaces may vary from card to card. In a general arrangement the first column contain numbers between 1 and 9, the second column between 10 to 19, the third column between 20 to 29 and so on until the ninth column that contain numbers between 80 to 90. Chances are that a column may or may not have any number at all.

As in other bingo games , the Australian-bingo too is administered by a host, also known as caller. The caller's job is to draw out the numbers and announce them to the players one after the other. The players can then check their cards to locate the called number and mark it off when it appears. The Australian bingo can be won in three ways one line, two lines and a full house. A single line means marking off any five horizontal numbers in a single row. Two lines means marking off any two lines of five numbers on the same card. And last but not the least, a full house refers to marking off an entire card of fifteen numbers.

When it comes to purchasing the cards, Australian bingo cards can be bought either separately or in books. Generally Australian bingo cards are bundled in books that contains over hundreds of strips. Each strip has 6 bingo cards joined through a perforated line that allows for easy tearing. A single strip contains all 90 numbers; consequently, a number is daubed with every bingo call.

Since bingo operations in Australia are controlled by the government, aussies are not allowed to gamble at websites located in Australia. So, those players who want to play bingo online in Australia must register at sites hosted in other nations where gambling is legal. Nonetheless, players should not have much difficulty finding online bingo sites . As housie or Australian bingo is similar to British bingo, a website offering 75 ball bingo will also be a pleasant change for Australian players. Besides, there are many online bingo halls that offer free bingo games to players all over the Australia.

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