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How to Play Bingo

How to Play Bingo

How to Play Bingo

You perhaps learned How to Play Bingo as a kid, but the thrill of being the first one to scream BINGO ! and win a prize does not end in school. Latest trends like online bingo open the game to a whole new genre of bingo lovers. While some people still prefer to play bingo in brick-and-mortar bingo halls with cardboard tickets and ink-filled markers, others are fast adapting to the newer variations of this popular game.

Some bingo players assume that superstitions and luck is the key to win bingo , while others opine that the advanced bingo strategies and playing the odds is a sure-shot mantra to bingo success. Whatever your strategy, you will first need to learn the basic rules of How to Play Bingo Online.

The objective of a bingo game is to complete a certain pattern on your bingo card by daubing numbers as they are called during the course of game. All bingo cards have the alphabets B, I, N, G and O written across the top of the card. Each letter represents a different column, with each carrying 5 numbers at an interval of 15 numbers.

With just a few number of months before the game of bingo was finally about to be introduced to the market, Lowe was called by a catholic priest that lived in Pennsylvania and he was asked whether he could use the bingo game in order to raise funds for the church. Lowe agreed the very next moment. This way bingo has started to be played in churches and to raise funds for charity. Thanks to the good deeds image of bingo, the popularity of the game managed to grow immediately. This way back in 1934, there were easily more than 1000 bingo games played in the US every week. Right now the popularity of bingo just keeps on growing. The statistics are showing that in the North America there are more than $100 million dollars spent on bingo.

A guide to how to play Internet bingo:

  • Take a bingo card from the caller and take a seat. In online version, purchase your bingo cards and join the game.
  • Mark the "Free" space in the center of your card with a dauber. In online version, the free space is already marked.
  • Carefully listen to the numbers as the caller announces them, for example, B9. In online bingo Games, you simply watch out for the number on your screen.
  • On hearing the number, locate it on your card. Find the B column and look to see if you have, in this case, number 9 on your card. In online bingo, you simply have to turn on the auto daub feature which automatically locates and daubs the numbers for you.
  • If you have the called number on your card, mark it off with the dauber.
  • Pay attention as the host continues to call out numbers.
  • Daub the numbers with a dauber as they appear on your card. Don't forget to shout "BINGO!" as soon as you mark off the numbers in the desired pattern. Usually the winning pattern includes a straight line running either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Some games have more complex patterns like alphabets and shapes among others.
  • Authenticate your winning by announcing the numbers you have marked.
  • Collect your prize from the caller once your numbers are verified.
  • In online bingo, the auto dauber software takes care of your card right from the beginning, from daubing numbers are they are called till completing the winning pattern and calling out bingo.