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Many Shades of Online Bingo

Many Shades of Online Bingo

Many Shades of Online Bingo

There is something irresistible about bingo! But we can't really pin point one single reason that makes bingo so immensely popular across the world. Where some people like 75 ball bingo because of its speed and large variety of patterns, others adore 90 ball bingo for its easiness. The Americans call it 'Bingo', players in UK and Australia play 'Housie', while the Asians know it as 'Tambola'.

75 ball bingo is, however, the most common variation of bingo that everybody knows. Part of the reason for its popularity can be found in its vast range of patterns, which caters to all kind of bingo players.

You will find an exciting collection of static bingo patterns ranging from the basic postage stamps to the complex scarecrows; cruise ships and so on. If you're looking for some classic bingo fun, those typical straight lines, corners and coveralls would be an ideal choice for you.

For the adventurous sorts, there is an interesting range of crazy or dynamic bingo patterns. Unlike the regular bingo patterns, these crazy patterns are non-static and rotate from 90° to 180°, then to 120°, 270° and so forth. Hitting a crazy bingo pattern is often challenging for players, since they don't know if the number they have just marked will help them achieve the required pattern or not.

Then there are those unpredictable wild bingo patterns for the newbies. Unlike the aforesaid two patterns, wild bingo patterns can be static or dynamic both. But if it's not dynamic, then players get the leverage to create a specific pattern anywhere on their card.

Those looking for comparatively longer bingo games shall resort to 90 ball bingo. Since it's played with 90 numbers instead of 75, it takes more time to complete a session. The only limitation of 90 ball bingo is its limited pattern possibilities, which is essentially restricted to straight horizontal lines, corners and a full house. However, the multiple prizes awarded in each round make up for this shortcoming rather well.

And what's more? With bingo available online 24/7, you don't need to step, since you can enjoy bingo right at your home. Internet technology has managed to bring bingo right to the comfort of your living room. With a desktop and internet connection, you can enjoy an assorted variety of bingo games throughout the day.